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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello sweet friends...

I haven't been here in so long.  So much has happened since the last time I wrote.  Let's see.  Where should I start?

As you might have guessed from reading my last few blog entries, I was trying to figure out some things about life.  Looking back at that time I feel both a little sad that I had those bumps in the road but also happy that I went through them.   I made some changes and I'm so much happier.

First thing I did was to take a step toward something that I had been thinking about for years - getting back into creating art.  I hadn't done anything about it mostly because I was nervous about my skills.  What if I sucked?  The fear of being bad at it stopped me.  And to be honest, life's schedule and procrastination also played a part.  Anyway, I finally put all those fears aside and just did it.  I signed up for two drawing classes last April.  And wow, they were awesome.  I loved them.  And you know what?  All those fears I had about sucking?  They were totally right! Ha!  I did suck.  But instead of it being a bad thing, it turned out to be a great thing.  The challenge of getting better made me happy and invigorated me.  Instead of bringing me down, it uplifted me.  Who knew?  And on top of that, I got to be a part of a great community of people with similar goals and interests.  

The classes made me happy and because I saw the results of that one positive step, I was able to make other decisions that improved my life....prioritizing family time, cutting out stuff that wasn't enriching me or my family, getting rid of clutter (wow, this was and is still so hard), fixing all those home things that bugged me for years and I never got to (this was a huge step forward...I kept thinking of that Nike tag line, just do it!), a lot less social media, more music, more fresh air etc.

September rolled around and I was in a really good place.  Signed up for the fall art classes, kids were back in school and everything seemed to me going relatively smoothly.  And then I felt a lump in my throat.  Long story short, I have a condition called LPR.  Not life threatening, just a condition related to acid reflux that I have to manage.  But because of it, I had change how, what and when I ate.  That was (and definitely still is) a big challenge.  Life long habits had to suddenly change dramatically for me to get better.  Thank goodness for my art classes.  They kept my mind off of my throat.  At first the lump felt like a big chunk of bread stuck in my throat that I could never swallow.  It took about three months for it to get better.  I'm mostly healed.  Yeah!  And I've lost 25 lbs because of the changes I had to make.  Even though it was a challenging time and I wish I didn't have this condition, so much good came from it.  We're all eating much healthier in our house and I think we're happier too.

So overall, the last year has been great.  

Here are a few of my drawings.  They're a starting place.  I'm hoping to keep at it and improve over time.  

Excited to share more creative adventures with you!

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