Girl Crush

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Girl crushes are not just for girls anymore. Grown women with families, jobs and full lives can also have crushes. What’s a grown-up girl crush you ask? Well, it’s when you make a new friend that you find instantly engaging and captivating and you want in your life. It could be anything about her that makes her special or different. Maybe it's her great sense of humor, her overwhelming kindness, or her sharp mind that impresses you. Whatever it is, she’s wowed you and the more time you spend with her, the more you like her.
Everything she says is funny and everything she does is great. And by some miracle, this perfect friend feels the same way Mark Darcy felt about Bridget Jones – she likes you just as you are. And like Bridget, you find yourself flustered and flattered that this special person finds you charming with all your quirks and eccentricities.
For a couple of fabulous weeks or months, you're living in a goofy daze where you have this great new friend that can do no wrong.
But like all crushes, it eventually ends. There comes a point when something she does or says wakes you from your girl crush slumber and makes you realize that she's just human and has faults and problems like everyone else. And suddenly the bubble bursts and the crush ends.
From here, one of two things happen. Either you develop a deeper more meaningful friendship based on an understanding of who she really is or you realize that you actually don’t have that much in common and the friendship slowly fizzles.
No matter which way the crush goes, however, it’s usually worth it. You either get a good friend out it or a few weeks or months of fun distractions from your regular grown-up life.

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