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Monday, September 2, 2013

I don't know how to write a book.  I do know how to write one sentence and then another and yet another.  And that's where I'm starting.

It's so terrifying thinking about the end product and if you think too much about it you'll never accomplish your goal of actually accomplishing it.

Did you ever think about doing something you've dreamed about but never had the courage to do?  Well, you can.  Trust me, you can.  And why not start it today.  Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

Like anything that is scary, the hardest part is the starting of it.  I saw this six-year old girl on a high dive yesterday.  Paralyzed by the fear.  She was standing on the edge of the board trying to psych herself out to jump.  Her dad was standing below giving her encouraging looks.  "Just jump.  You can do it!"  He said.  She looked down at him and then at the water below and started shaking her hands in preparation.  I was mesmerized by her.  I could feel her anxiety.  The fear that grips you right before doing something that is completely outside of your comfort zone.  She stayed up there for another five minutes just staring at the water which seemed like forever for me and the crowd standing around waiting and watching her.  I can't imagine how long it seemed for her.  She finally bent her knees and jumped.  As she came out of the water, I saw her big toothless smile and I thought, wow, the exhilaration to do what you thought you couldn't.

That's how I feel about writing.  I get so scared about not being good enough.  Scared of being just a mediocre writer that is wasting her time on big dreams that will never come true.  So I don't even try because not trying means that I'll never actually have to find out if my fears are true.  Instead I just keep dreaming of the possibilities.  But just dreaming will never make anything happen.  It's the doing that makes it actually possible to get to those dreams.

So I say, let's just write and write and write some more.  Let's put it all down and work hard and see what happens.  Let's take one step forward each day.  And maybe before we know it, we'll have a reality that is like our dreams.

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