Mommy Dating

Monday, September 23, 2013

I wrote this a few years ago but can still really identify with the angst and joy of being a new mom and having to do this kind of friendship dating...

Mommy dating is alive and well. It might sound a little risqué but it's actually quite tame. Mommy dating is the delicate dance that women embark on when they meet each other in the park, the bookstore or the local Starbucks and try and figure out if they and their children, and if they're ambitious their husbands, will become BFFs -- best friends forever.
In a lot of ways, it's like regular dating. In the beginning, it's very exciting. The expectations are high and the air is filled with possibility. The prospect of having a great new friend is thrilling; someone you can tell everything to, with whom you can enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee while your kids play together and someone you can have spontaneous family BBQs with on weekend afternoons.
But, like regular dating, it doesn't always turn out as you hoped. Either it is you or her that figures out that you don't really have that much in common. Or something she or you did or said rubs the other the wrong way.
Then it's break up time.
Whether you've had two or ten play dates, it still stings when a mom breaks up with you. There may not be any tears (like there were when you were dating in your twenties) but you still feel sad and disappointed and a little more jaded about new female friendships.
But after some time, you decide to put yourself out there again. And when you least expect it you find someone special. Your play dates feel natural and easy and before you know it, you have a real friendship. You still tread lightly and cautiously because you've been hurt before but she surprises you with her honesty and warmth. Then one afternoon, as you are watching your kids play in the park together you realize that you've found a true friend and suddenly you're so glad that you didn't give up on mommy dating.


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