10 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Achieving any goal can be extremely difficult.  From the smallest one like making your bed in the morning to the big ones like starting a new career.

It can be especially scary when you're older and set in your ways.  But you're never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.  Here are a few reminders that can help you move towards your dreams:

1. Just take one step forward today and don't worry about the rest.  We are often intimidated by the big goal at the end but if you put that aside and take a single step forward each day, before you know it, you will be at a place you only dreamt about.

2. It's OK to ask for help.  It doesn't make you weak.  It makes you human and you'll be surprised by how much you gain by asking.

3. It's OK to have doubts.  We all have them.  Recognize your doubts and move forward anyway.

4. Success takes hard work.  No getting around it, it will be hard work to accomplish your goal.  But it will be worth it.

5. Do what works for you.  We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what others are doing but sometimes the best way to go forward is to find what works for you and do that.

6. Don't be intimidated by other people's success.  There will always be others that are better at something than you and who have already accomplished what you dream about.  Instead of being intimidated by them, learn from them and take what you can to work towards your own success.

7. Create some peace for yourself each day.  With our busy non-stop lives it's hard to have a moment of silence.  But we need time to be still and think.  Even if it's only a few minutes, create that peace for yourself.

8. When you get down, go for a walk.  We all get discouraged and down sometimes and it's easy to give in to that down place and wallow in it.  When you feel it weighing you down, leave your environment and go for a walk.  Even a walk around the block can help clear your mind and lift your mood.

9. Be open to people.  Every person you meet can impact your life.  A friend does not have to be a best friend to be worth your time and effort.

10.  Finally, don't forget to enjoy the journey - The journey can be just as fulfilling as the destination. 

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