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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written anything that's not work related.  Nothing creative in a long time.  Well, I'm back.

I just read The Happiness Project for my book club and it inspired me to start writing again.

Here's why I stopped writing creatively both on this blog and on examiner.com, where I was writing pieces about friendship:

1. Writing takes time, real solid chunks of time.  And creating this time takes a commitment.  A commitment that I wasn't willing to make.
2. When I gave up full time (and part-time) work, I looked to writing as a possible source of income.  I knew it would be much less than what I was making as a lawyer but I never imagined it would be SO much less.  The pay per hour of writers is incredibly low.  And when I compared it to how much I could make doing just a few hours of legal work...well, it just didn't make sense writing anymore.
3. I forgot that I started writing because I loved the idea of connecting with other people through my words.  That's what I find amazing.  I guess that's my passion.

OMG, I have found my passion!  You know how you read all those articles and books about finding your passion and when you find it, work will no longer feel like work because you'll love it so much?  Well, the only passion I could ever come up with (if I was honest with myself) was watching TV (yes I love it!), eating especially with my family and friends, and all the bed related things (mostly sleeping...oh my God I love to sleep!).  Not exactly career building ideas.

But now I realize why I am so drawn to the idea of writing, it's because I love connecting to people.  The more the better.  And using my words to do it seems magical.

So that's why I need to start writing again.  I have to add something to my life that is just for me...not the kids, not the husband, not the parents...just for me.  Something that I can create and look back on and be proud of...something to accomplish that I never thought I could.  That's what I want.

See you tomorrow...

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