Love the one you're with

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I've noticed that sometimes I take friends that are the nicest and most supportive for granted and seek the time of the "cooler" friends that have a lot less time for me.

It's not that the cool friends don't care or aren't totally lovely people but they're just not the kind of friends that will be there for you not matter what.  If they have time for you, they love seeing you and are great friends but if something better comes along or things get busy, you are totally off their radar.  But somehow that makes you want them even more...they're hard to get!  So they must be awesome.  Because as we all know, the hard to get ones for some reason make us want them even more.

And what happens to the friends that are there for you?  The ones that miss you when you're gone.  The ones that call as you soon as you get back. That text you right back.  That get super excited when you have them over or agree to hang out with them because they genuinely adore and connect with you?   They're the already caught ones.  And you take them for granted.  You don't get as excited about seeing them as the hard to get ones.  You don't appreciate them.  You forget how special they are and how lucky you are to have them in your life.

My advice to myself this week is to be grateful for the good ones in your life and not to chase the ones that are hard to get.  

Love the ones you're with!

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