Girl friends forever

Monday, April 30, 2012

This is hard to admit but some days I feel really sad that I don't have one best girl friend that I can call at any time for any thing, who I can trust completely and whom I love and loves me.  Someone that is totally loyal to me and me to her and we know that our friendship is something stronger than any bond.  Don't get me wrong, I have some wonderful girl friends.  Probably more than I've ever had in my life.  I feel so luck to be surrounded by such warm, smart and just plain lovely women.  And each of them fill most of that role and hopefully I fill some of that role for them.

But it's not the same as having one best friend.  I always loved having a great confidant.  Ever since I was a little girl I always yearned for that.  It could be that I don't have a sister and always wanted that relationship.  It could be that I'm from a culture where female friendship is a cornerstone of life.

During high school, I had friends that were like sisters (I went to an all girl catholic boarding school) and our friendships were so strong and deep because we essentially grew up together.  We're still so close today and make great sacrifices to see each other as often as possible.  During college, I had one best friend all four years.  We were not only great friends but also roommates for four years.  I always knew that no matter what happened she was there for me and I for her, like love and loyalty.

Now that role is filled by my husband.  He's my best friend.  And even though I pinch myself thinking about how lucky I got to find such an amazing man to share my life with, I still yearn sometimes to just pick up a phone and call that one girl that knows me completely and can commiserate about all the silly girl things that I worry about, complain about and want to laugh about.


  1. Would it be worth stepping out and just making that call, that connection, to one of your good friends, and see how it turns out? Sometimes the thing that tips a friend over to a BFF is making the leap.

  2. I think I'm too scared that I'll be disappointed. I have a small group of great girl friends and we do a lot together and I can depend on them but am close to them in different ways.

  3. Totally relate to this. And honestly - the kids kind of get in theway too. They are #1 - and while everyone understands, it means that friendships will never be quite the same.

    I definitely think that my tendency to look for "best friends" is related to growing up without a sister. I had to seek out those relationships.